We appreciate you

We’d like to say thank you to all of the vendors who sponsored our outing and to all of the people who stopped in to play a round of mini golf, to ask questions about us, and to thank us for what we do in the community.

Friends of Bridge, a not-for-profit drug and substance abuse rehabilitation agency located in Valley Stream is celebrating its 54th anniversary.

Friends of Bridge was founded in May 1970 by a small group of community minded citizens who confronted the drug problem head-on when it reached epidemic levels. For 50 years, an essential part of the agency’s mission included that belief of a “community of people helping people” is all important. This conviction continues to make FOB an effective force in helping both adults and adolescents who are battling substance addiction.

Over these past 54-years, Friends of Bridge has been a vital part of this community. We thank you for the tremendous support received throughout the years. As long as there is a need, Friends of Bridge will continue to serve Valley Stream.