Our Staff are credentialed and certified professionals who have dedicated themselves to working in the field of addictions, and mental health.

Executive Director

Jim Wyler

Clinical Director

Loretta McManus

Medical Director

Dr. Stuart Wasser
MD – Addiction Medicine

Therapists and Staff

  • Kimberly Mellor – Head of Educational Services
  • Eleanor Rodden – Office Administration / Reception
  • Maurene O’Hagan – Intake Counselor CASAC-T, LP-MHC
  • Sheldon Kallicharan – Day Counselor MSW
  • Lauren Tummolo – Day Counselor MA Psychology
  • Asher Rabinowitz – Evening Program Counselor LCSW-R/CASAC
  • Danielle Krizni – Evening Program Counselor Advanced CASAC

Our Adolescent Teaching Staff 

Our teaching staff is made up of a dynamic group of NYS Certified teachers along with accredited tutors ready to help your son or daughter keep up to date with the work being assigned to them in their traditional classes. Due to the small size of our adolescent group we can provide any additional assistance they may need in any given subject.
All adolescent services are provided in-house.

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