Day Programs

We have day programs for adults who have a flexible schedule and who may benefit from attending outpatient services several days of the week.

We also have a daily Adolescent program that caters to adolescents ages 14 and up who are in need of substance use services and also are required to continue their education.

Adult Day Program

(Monday – Thursday 11am)

This track provides:

  • A more intensive program for more advanced recovery work or for clients who can benefit from a greater commitment to the treatment process.
  • Individual, family and couples counseling available.
  • Encouragement for participation in outside community-based self-help sober support groups.

Adolescent Day Program

(Monday Through Friday 10am-2pm)

A specialized daytime experience consisting of:

  • Daily psycho-educational, recovery, relapse, prevention and life skill groups.
  • Individual and Family Counseling.
  • Parental or Guardian involvement is an important part of the treatment process and is strongly encouraged.
  • A major component of the adolescent day program is our participant’s educational experience. Courses are taught on an individualized basis to all program recipients by certified N.Y.S. Special and Regular Education Teachers and Teacher’s Assistants.
  • Tutors work directly with students to arrange credits, course work and preparation for Regents, RCT and SAT.
  • All adolescents involved with the school component must participate in the treatment process.

Adolescent Life Skills

(Monday through Friday 1:30pm – 2:00pm)

  • Daily educational discussions, training and integration of skills for daily living through the group process.
  • Handouts, audio, and video demonstrations with other methods of communication used to provide a learning experience preparing the adolescent for dealing with day to day tasks.

Most school districts provide transportation to/from our facility

Clinical services are available for the cost of a co-pay